Things to consider when setting up a brand.

A lot more people are looking to set up brands in 2021. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide for helping organise your entrepreneurial thoughts.

Author: George Thorne

Your brand name is a great place to start, of course!

We always encourage clients not to be too specific when choosing their brand name, as it can make new products or services seem out of place. For example, if you sell Hamster wheels and live in Bournemouth, calling your brand “Hamster Wheels Bournemouth” sounds great, but if you want to add a product for dogs or a new hamster related item it will look like an after-thought.

Sometimes it’s nice for the name to tie into your industry (i.e. Dreams, Pets at Home, Accessorize), but you can use something more unique or vague as well (i.e. Nike, Apple, Amazon); preferably not too long, easy to spell and memorable.

Logo & Branding

Branding is your identity, so it’s important to make it unique. Your logo needs to be recognisable at 5 millimetres (for a website favicon) whilst still looking great when big enough to be put on a lorry or billboard.

If you’re getting a logo professionally made, make sure they supply you with the PDF vector version in addition to the PNG and JPEG format. Without the PDF vector, you’ll be unable to use the logo freely as the quality will be limited by the file size.

Avoid using cheap designers when having a logo designed, otherwise they’ll use the same template that they’ve used for 100 other brands (some of which might be your competitors)


For most brands starting in 2021, the website acts as their store.

If you had a physical shop, how would you want it to look? How would you want it to flow? How does it smell? Take however the shop appears in your head and think about how you can create this experience online.

Too often we’ll see new brands take the cheapest and quickest route possible. They launch a semi-broken website which they rushed over a weekend, and as a result, the website doesn’t achieve sales/leads. That’s because the “shopping experience” this website portrays is that of a damp smelling, leaky shed behind a fish and chip shop.

A professional website that embraces all of your brand’s quirks and showcases products/services in an attractive way will be more likely to generate sales/leads.

It’s important to consider any special features your website needs to help your business. Maybe you need an online shop, a booking system, a way for clients to upload documents; whatever the case, it’s important that your website designer knows so they can try to include it.

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Social Media

A lot of brands don’t want to create and maintain a social media presence, and we get it! Social media can be a pain, but it’s a necessary evil, to say the least. Social media can be a contact method, a sales platform and a customer retention tool; so if any of those are useful for your brand (which should be all of them) you need to set up some social media profiles.

Explore which social media platforms work best for your business. For example, a home improvement brand would be a perfect fit for Pinterest and Instagram, and a recruiter has to be on LinkedIn in 2021.


Marketing brings your ideas into reality. Whilst we specialise in online advertising there’s plenty of other marketing ideas to consider; flyers, brochures, business cards, vehicle signwriting and more.


Creating a custom email address is a cost-effective way to appear more professional when interacting with customers. Especially if a customer is potentially spending more than £1,000 on your products/services, a Yahoo or Gmail may make the difference between you and your competitors if they appear more professional.

For help with any of the above please contact our team, as our services cover all aspects of branding and online marketing.

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