How-To’s for social media.

Author: Jennifer & Daniel


How to set up a business page

  • To start, you must have a Facebook account. log in and at the top of your home page, select “create”, then click “page”. Click “get started” and select “business or brand”.
  • Enter your business name and select a category which best describes your business.
  • Upload a profile picture and cover image to help potential customers or people searching your business to recognise you easily. Click on “upload profile picture” and “upload cover image” to proceed with your chosen images.
  • Enter in further business details about your business by clicking “edit info”, such as your page’s username, contact details, opening hours. Click `’save changes” as you go along.

How to do a post/photo

  • Start typing your text in the “write a post” section. Add images or videos relevant to your post. Click “share now” to post.

How to remove reviews

  • On the top right-hand corner of your business page, click on “templates and tabs”
  • Select “reviews”, and then “settings”. Here, click disable “show reviews” and save.

How to use Facebook messenger

  • To enable customers to contact you, add a “send message” button to your business page.
  • Under your cover image, click “add a button”.
  • Select “contact you”. Click “next” and select “messenger” and then “finish”. You can now receive messages which you can reply to.

How to link Facebook and Instagram

  • To add an Instagram account to your Facebook business page, select “settings” from the left-hand menu.
  • Select “Instagram” and click “connect account”. Enter your Instagram username and password and log in.


How to set up a business page

  • You must have an existing LinkedIn account. On the homepage, click on the “work” icon in the top right corner.
  • Click “create a company page”, select which category your business falls under and enter in your business details.
  • Click the verification box to proceed and then click “create page”.

How to post a photo

  • Click on the camera icon in the share box.
  • Select the images you wish to upload, you can select up to nine images. Add a caption to accompany your photo in the text box and click “post”.

How to remove comments

  • Find the comment you wish to delete.
  • Click the “more” icon on the corner of the comment
  • Click “delete” from the drop-down menu and again to confirm.



How to set up a business account

  • You must have an Instagram account. Log into your profile, select the ‘more’ icon in the top right corner (3 lines)
  • Click on “settings” and select “account”, then “switch to professional account” and then continue.

How to post photos

  • On your profile homepage, click on the “+’ icon on the top right corner and select “post”. You will be able to select photos from your phone’s library.
  • Tap on the photos you wish to upload and proceed.

How to remove comments

  • Find the comment you wish to delete.
  • Swipe to the left of the comment and click on the “delete” icon (for iPhones)
  • Tap the comment you wish the delete and proceed (androids)

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