Domains: everything you need to know.

What is a domain? How do I buy one? Is it the same as a website?

Author: George Thorne

How to get Domains

What is a domain?

Your domain is your digital address. Once you have your domain, you can then use it for your website URL (ie., and your brand/company email addresses (ie.

Your domain, website and email are all separate. This can be confusing, but the simplest way to think about your domain is as a home, with the website and email as cars. You can park at home, but if you drive away you don’t drag your house behind the car.

Where can you buy a domain?

There’s a range of different websites you can use to purchase a domain. 123-reg, Google Domains, GoDaddy, & more. Website builders also tend to allow you to buy domains within them.

On these websites you can enter your desired domain and it will present you with a range of options for the domain extension. ‘’, ‘.uk’, ‘.com’ & more.

Pointing a domain at your website and email address

In order to get your website onto your domain’s URL, you’ll usually need to go into your domain’s “advanced settings”. You’ll see an option to “manage DNS” with reference to A Records, MX Records & more. Don’t panic, it’s not that scary, and can be quite straight forward.

What is a domain website

The main domain settings you’ll need to change to get your email or website live is the A and MX records. Whoever is hosting your website or domain should be able to advise you about the A and MX records.

For the hostname, you’ll need to put @ (for email), * or www. If you’re unsure which to use, ask your website or email host and they’ll help.

For Graphics Hub customers:

  • For websites, your A records should be:
    • Hostname: @ / www / *
    • Destination/target:
  • For email, your MX records should be:
    • Hostname: @
    • 1st MX record: priority 10, destination/target:
    • 2nd MX record: priority 20, destination/target:

If you have any questions about domains (or want us to manage yours) get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

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