Exploring LinkedIn Ads For B2B Companies.

Author: Daniel Ogunfadebo

Advertising On LinkedIn

The type of product or service a company provides determines the advertising channel or channels to be used to reach their unique target audience. For business-to-business companies, seeking to reach out to customers for their product or service, LinkedIn ads are a great way to go. So whether your objective is to reach influential decision-makers within companies or affluent consumers, advertising on LinkedIn is a sound way to drive new leads to your company.

There are mainly three ways companies advertise and reach their target customers on LinkedIn:

Sponsored content & Direct sponsored content

LinkedIn sponsored content is a form of LinkedIn advertising that allows you to post relevant content to reach a defined target audience of professionals beyond your LinkedIn page followers, similar to Facebook’s post boosting’, but directed at verified professionals. Direct sponsored content, on the other hand, allows you to share content directly into your target audiences’ LinkedIn news feed; audiences that are targeted based on some selected criteria. This gives the advertiser the ability to personalise content without having to make the post on your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content

According to LinkedIn, up to 80% of Sponsored Content engagement comes from people viewing the post from their mobile devices, so this type of ad is typically supported with a responsive website landing page. Call-to-action items can be eBooks, brochures, case studies, etc.


LinkedIn InMails are personalised message ads that are sent directly to LinkedIn members, who have been targeted using LinkedIn’s ad targeting tools; the perfect choice for reaching out to decision-makers with tailored offerings.

InMail on desktop and mobile view

The ad targeting is done manually, and personalised messages are sent to the recipient via their LinkedIn messages inbox, typically with one or more calls-to-action. The landing pages are typically for signups or to learn more information about a service.

Text Ads

LinkedIn Text ads typically appear at the top, bottom or right side of your screen, and contain a short text, an optional thumbnail image, and a link leading to your landing page.

LinkedIn Text Ads

This ad format allows the easy creation, management and optimisation of advert campaigns within a short period. With text ads, you can target an audience of premium LinkedIn professionals with a highly flexible budget. Audiences can be targeted through their job titles, industry, job seniority, job function, company (either present or past), current company size, location and country. Using a combination of these targeting tools can lead to acquiring some very niche leads.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Lead Gen Forms are a great way to collect quality leads from LinkedIn ads; when a member clicks an ad’s call-to-action, the Lead Gen Form comes up prefilled with the member’s basic information. Information like telephone number, job title, current company, work and personal email address, etc., is already provided on the form and the member only has to click send/submit. This gives a high level of assurance that the information provided and received is genuine. Unlike other lead forms, which rely on manual input.

Why LinkedIn: Some LinkedIn member stats (provided by LinkedIn)

4 out of 5 LinkedIn members drive business decisions
9% of LinkedIn members are senior-level executives and above
28% of LinkedIn members are responsible for managing budgets

In Conclusion

Social media advertising is a huge source of marketing leads, and of all social networking sites, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get your B2B product or service to the right audience. With the right ad copy, precise audience targeting, and an expert crafting of LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms, LinkedIn presents an opportunity to acquire quality leads at a relatively low cost per acquisition.

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